My brutish love of poetry, part 4

Poetry can be dangerous. Yes, it can be pretty, pithy, wise, amusing. But it’s gotten me and countless others into trouble. My web site here is a pretty safe place and I’ve quoted some pretty safe poems.

There are many poets I love who are big troublemakers.

Some write about the experience of love and make me feel that it is the mundane, un-in-love world that is crazy, absolutely nonsensical.  Some describe cruelty so well they leave me angry for a day. Some take me into gloom and doom. And some are rebels, and then I want to rebel too. Maybe the rebellion is quite a reasonable one. But rebellions tend to be dangerous.

I love the dangers of poetry. But I have a personal oh-oh list. Can’t read too much of the oh-oh poets at one sitting. Danger, danger.

Here’s a somewhat dangerous poem: Robert Frost. Enjoy.

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